Alpha Sardaukar is the first 3,75'' 80-90s style factory-made action figure by Pendragon.
The release includes a Magazine with words and artworks from over 30 invited artists from all around the world.
Due to his independent nature copies of this release are extremely limited, for more info contact Pendragon's IG account.  

Designed, sculpted, and produced by Pendragon.
Made in Hell.


Alpha Sardarukar - Oracle NFT
A non-fungible token has been created, there are only 5 copies of this rare item and can be purchased via Rarible, only the very first lucky owners of the token will have the chance to claim this unique package variant.

Purchase here 


Alpha Sardaukar Legend pt I


Far away in the heavy thicket of space, 
A trading port hidden between the stars, Where, fat-rich and happy, lived, A selfish alien race. Eons pass and suns shift, And it isn’t long till, A lonely, traveling craft, Lands on a desert hill.
From the craft and silver landing stairs, Stepped out one humanoid., Suit ripped and blood dripping off, They looked up at the void. 

There, sore from a battlefield, They tended to their wounds, Only then remembering, The strangeness of the ground.



It sank and fell and shifted, Underneath their two feet, And through the cells they dropped, The tunnels, they were steep. And down and down they tumbled, Spilling into a room, Where, a diamond floated, Spinning in greyish gloom.

 The traveler reached and touched Something which they shouldn’t And knowledge and sight filled them. More than many have got.

 Buried beneath the planet, The secrets of the stars, And whomever should search out, Should start a new journey.


Featured artists:
Medeuceswild    -    Machine    -    Santa West    -    Jonny schulz    -    Jesse Marsh    -    Jesse Body    -    Łukazs Mauzr    -    Tim Liermann    -    Jared Cody Wolf
Noisearmada    -    Chad Verrill    -    Magdalena Nestorowicz    -    Force Design    -    Adam Makowczenko    -    Necropit    -    Łukasz Kowalczuk    -    Victor Vilela
Brian McCray    -    Dominique Arce    -    joshuahfx    -    Marin R.    -    Miguel gomez    -    Totoi Semerena    -    Beno Ramirez    -    Pablo Mercado   -    Megalomaniac    
 -    Epoch    -    Ghost    -    Void of light   -    and more...

Top cover *(Sardaukar Theme) by Brunon Lubas